Weightlifting A.I.

$27.00 every 4 weeks


Training specific to your needs and wants

This system takes into account countless factors to individualize all aspects of the athlete’s training based on Max Aita’s coaching logic. Highlight areas of the program include:

  • Individualized Volume, Intensity, Rate of Overload and Frequency
  • Optimized distribution of volume across lifts based on your lifting ratios
  • Accurate exercise selection to address technical weak points
  • Automated intra-training session fatigue monitoring and adjustment
  • Optimized workout structure and set/rep intensity allocation based on athlete’s size, strength and experience
  • Competition preparation with predictive modeling of attempt selection

Superior coaching logic from Max Aita

Under Max’s guidance, Team Juggernaut has:

  • 6 USAW National Champions
  • 8 American Open Finals Champions
  • 6 Senior American Records
  • 15 Masters American Records
  • 2 Pan Am Records
  • 8 International Team Members

Individualized programming, club pricing.

For us to personally provide the level of detail that this program will would take many hours and cost an athlete $1000s of dollars but the new Juggernaut AI Weightlifting program will be available to you for just $27/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we recommend seeking the advice of a Physical Therapist.

You can tell the system how many days/week you want to train, between 3 and 6 days/week and it will find the best frequency of primary lifts within that structure. Plus, if the system thinks that you will really benefit from 1 more day/week than you requested, it will notify you of that in case you want to make a change.

Yes, that is part of the initial questionnaire and it will only give you exercises that you can perform with that equipment. Beyond that, Max’s program design is not reliant on much specialty equipment.